Hello and thanks for visiting!

Leslie and I have moved to Austin, TX to plant a church and raise a family.  We’re very excited to have finally arrived.  Leslie is at her new job, the girls are napping at Granny’s house, and I’m sitting out on the back deck of a coffee shop/wine bar kind of place that you’d expect to find in Lakeway.  But hey! The iced coffee is pretty good.

Moving our kiddos and animals and earthly possessions from our home in Carson City to Austin was probably one of the most physically exhausting things I have ever done.  We are very blessed that Leslie was able to get her job at Noonday Collection, but it meant that we had to relocate in a pretty short amount of time.  Our house is on the market (with a freshly rehabbed deck – oof), our stuff is in storage/the front half of Leslie’s parents’ house, and I am rested at last.  I’m extremely grateful for all the help that we had in the move from neighbors, friends, and family – especially from G-pa and Pops who drove 1800 miles with me in two days.

We’ve had a great visit with Leslie’s sister and her husband and son (in from Nashville).  Leslie has spent a full week on the job now.  Lucy is working on her swimming at the pool.  I officiated at a wedding downtown in Austin last weekend for some friends.  Now we get to try to figure out our new normal.

I’m writing this first post mostly just to get all these things written down and to get in the habit of writing things down.  I’m hoping that this blog will serve a number of purposes: it’ll give me a place to think and create, you’ll be able to follow what we’re doing, and I’ll develop a consistent schedule of working.  In the next post I’ll talk about a book about work and creativity that’s been challenging and helpful (The War of Art by Steven Pressfield).

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