The Big Move


Sorry for the delay between posts.  The Auments have moved!

We’ve finally made it into our new home and neighborhood.  Leslie’s commute went from 50 minutes to 10.  We’ve been meeting tons of neighbors.  We’re almost entirely unpacked (kudos to Leslie).  Moving is super tiring!

2016-08-14 12.17.43

Lucy snacks on spinach leaves (her request) while hanging out in our new home.

As we start this new chapter, we’d really appreciate your prayer:

  • New relationships – We’re still meeting people and making first impressions.  Pray that God gives us good opportunities and that our hearts are in the right place to make use of them.
  • Wrapping up moving stuff – Our builder is still finishing little things here and there on our house and it’s kinda dragging on.
  • Fundraising and logistical stuff for church planting
  • Missional community beginning – We’re planning on hosting some housewarming parties and a vision meeting for our new missional community (aka our church plant).  We think we’ve made some good connections with people (Christians and non-Christians); now we’re hoping that people join us as we try to be real disciples in real life.
  • Dan’s blog back-log – I have 5,000+ photos from Iceland to sort through (!), plus more updates on the specific things we’ve been doing.

Thanks for reading!


Dan & Leslie


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