Housewarming and Good Times in the Front Yard


Entertaining 101: Wrap things in bacon

Leslie and I hosted a couple dozen of our friends for a housewarming party this last weekend.  Entertaining is super fun.  We did our usual roll-the-dice thing and chose a recipe that we’d never tried before (carnitas) and it turned out pretty well!  I made some pico de gallo with ghost peppers mostly as a joke, but most everyone gave it a try.

We had a fun crowd with more than a few kids running around the place.  Both Leslie and I even had friends from high school come (shout out to Julie from Kennett!).  Our guests were super generous and brought over tons of beer and wine.  We played some cornhole in the backyard and watched UT football blow the doors off UTEP.

I think my favorite part of having a housewarming party was that we got to make so many cross-introductions.  Leslie and I know people from several different parts of town.  We enjoy their company and it was fun to seem them enjoy each other’s company as well!

Leslie is convinced that the party helped turn our house into a home.  We had an especially sweet and relaxing family day the next day.  I think Mabel even slept past 7am!

Life in the front yard

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As we try to be real disciples in real life, we are working on ways to connect with people.  We loved our home in Nevada and its beautiful view out the back, but one of the downsides was that the house had pretty much no line of sight out the front.  We both grew up with long, vertical windows on either side of our front doors and Westies keeping watch, so it felt weird to never have any idea what was happening on our street.

Our new house has windows in the front door, but lately we’ve been trying to take it one step further.  We have been spending about a half hour before dinner out in the front yard and on the drive way playing with the girls.  We have always spent that time of the day with Lucy and Mabel, but now we’re doing it in a way that helps us meet more of our neighbors.  We end up chatting with someone pretty much every night – a family walking by or someone close by coming home from work.  We’ve even had a couple folks over for dinner so far – just from spending time in the front yard!

We don’t want mission and discipleship to be events or programs that we do. We want them to flow out of our everyday life – in every activity we already do. With that in mind, we are trying to think critically about what we do in our “normal” lives and routines (like eating meals, playing with the girls, exercise, etc.) and how we can do it intentionally with Jesus at the center. Maybe it looks like serving someone else. Maybe it’s connecting to new folks. Maybe it’s inviting someone into one of that activities with us and living life side by side, engaging in discipleship through intentional conversations. This can look 100 different ways for each individual and each life. So how does it look for Leslie Aument and Dan Aument? How do we raise up our girls to live lives of discipleship and mission that reflect who God made them to be?

We believe that’s what faith looks like – giving each moment of real life to Jesus, not just crossing items off some spiritual/religious checklist.

Please pray for us as we get our missional community off the ground!  We’re having dinner tonight with some friends to pitch our vision.

God is good.


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